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24x7x365 seamless interaction with your Customers using Creyoface.

24x7x365 customer support automation

Your brand can achieve this without increasing the team strength. Instead, you can downsize the team size multifold.

  • Answer direct questions and automate FAQs
  • Self-help support: Guide the users through step-by-step processes
  • Third party enterprise app integration to facilitate customer support automation
  • Agent escalations: Seamless bot to live chat transfer
  • Capture the unanswered questions and update FAQ base

10X growth for your sales

Convert visitors to leads and let your sales grow multifold.

  • Conversational Advertisements: New face of product/services walk through
  • Product or services walkthrough over conversational UX
  • Non-intrusive way of lead generation
  • Spectate bot-user conversation
  • WhatsApp and Messenger integration to engage leads

How it works

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Create a face for your brand. Design your AI-powered conversation assistant on your own

Conversation flow design

Design the conversation flow for your chatbot using drag-and-drop feature and content management system

Train your bot

Train your chatbot with the FAQ set and brand information. Also, specify what are the conversation threads the bot should handle. Eg: Ticket booking


Tweak the bot aesthetics based on your brand guidelines. Paint it to match your brand

Multichannel integrations

Integrate the bot with various social media channels and enterprise platforms


Analyse the bot-user conversation and capture relevant metrics related to your brand and analyse the feedback collected

How your brand will get benefited by CreyoFace?

24x7x365- Responsive customer support. Seamless human agent transfer

Virtual Sales Assistant- A cost-effective way to generate business leads

Social media integration- Facebook messenger, Websites, WhatsApp, slack etc

Engage- Gamify the conversation flow and engage customers

Plug & Play- Enterprise app integration is nimble- CRMs, ERPs and HRM systems

Multilingual support- Train the bot with your native language

AI Add-ons- We can integrate facial recognition, OCR + Deep learning, NLP modules and process automation modules

Alexa & Google Home- Voice based process automation by integrating smart assistants

Use cases

customer support

Customer Support

  • Automate 24x7x365 customer service
  • Bot can handle repetitive questions by refering to your FAQ
  • Scale up your customer service team with minimum effort
  • Feedback collection from customers
  • Bot can learn from the conversation history
  • If the bot get stumped or on-request live chat transfer
  • Seamless integration with enterprise apps
Lead Generation

Lead Generation

  • 24x7x365 interaction with prospective customers
  • Bot will walk through your products and offerings
  • Sales team can spectate the bot-visitor interaction
  • Team members can take over the control without bothering visitors
  • Integration with multiple social media channels
  • Non intrusive way of lead collection
  • Analytics dashboard to gain insights from conversation history
customer support

Booking and Scheduling

  • 24x7x365 appointment schedulling
  • Bot can check the convenient dates
  • Conversation based date selection
  • Integration with any booking systems and google calendar
  • Social media channel integration
  • Payment integration in case you have to collect appointment fees
  • Analytics dashboard to analyse the convertion from visitors to appointments
customer onboarding

Customer on-boarding and log in

  • On-board your customers by validating them at anytime
  • Validate the customer with an ID card during on-boarding
  • Bot will extract details out of the id card and perform face matching
  • Face-recognition can also be used to login the customer
  • Multi-factor login including OTP, email verification etc.
Self service bot

Self-Service bot

  • It can benfit your employees, customers and prospective customers
  • It is benefitial for verticals like e-commerce, HR department, online market place, IT support etc.
  • Users can ask information about their transactions, contracts, policies etc.
  • Bot can learn from its experience.
  • We have a mechanism to capture unanswered questions and train the bot
  • Integration with any enterprise apps is possible


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  • 12 USD / month
  • 1 live agent free
  • 15 USD / month
  • 12 USD / month

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Customer and employee self-service

Customer support and on-demand bot to live chat transfer

Operations of a sales executive and branding activities

Survey and feedback collection

Booking, Appointment and service scheduling

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